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In New York City there are many taxis. They are yellow and they can be when they stop the ceiling light lit .

Times Square

Taxis in Times Square

It compared to other cities, is a pretty cheap service.

Taxi & amp; Limousine Commission regulates taxis and sets rates.


– The minimum fare is $ 2.50.

– Add $ 0.50 each 320 meters.

– Every minute is stopped or traveling less than 20km / h adds $ 0.50.

– Between 2000 and 6.00 per night plus there is a $ 0.50 fee.

– On weekdays between 16.00 and 20.00 there is a peak hour plus for $ 1.00.

– It is also sum ​​tax of New York, $ 0.50 per trip.

To go from Manhattan International Airport JFK , there is a flat rate of $ 52 , adding the tolls and taxes the state of New York $ 0.50.

Among JFK and other destinations:

Bronx : $ 35-50

Brooklyn : $ 30-40

– Queens: 20-30 $

Staten Island : $ 50-60

– Airport La Guardia La Guardia : 22-30 $

– Airport Newark Newark: $ 70-100.

When tolls, they are paid by the passenger, to be informed before starting the journey.

On trips beyond the city limits (except Westchester and Nassau Airport and Newark), the fee is a fixed rate agreed between the passenger and driver.

New York Taxi

New York Taxi

How to Pay

Payment can be made in Cash and card credit or debit card, whatever the fee, no minimum.

Passengers have control over the transaction because the system is installed in the rear.

The receipt should be signed only when the rate is equal to or greater than $ 25.

The driver expects to receive between 10 and 15% gratuity.

Additional Information

website of the Taxi & Limousine Commission