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Metro is definitely the quickest and easiest way to get around New York.

It is the largest public transportation system United States and the largest in the world. The network has 468 stations and 1.049,60km, and like buses, is managed by the MTA .

New York subway

New York subway

Lines and routes

local trains They differ and express trains , the latter alternating stops and stop at stations that are usually important destination or transshipment points.

The metro network circulates Manhattan , Queens , the Bronx and Brooklyn .

Staten Island has the Staten Island Railway which is like the subway but is within the railway network .

Lines are distinguished by letters or numbers .

Maps of lines


Metro operates the 24 hours of the day.

Hours subway lines


Single tickets costs $ 2.50 and express trains the price is $ 6 .

You pay with exact amount and currency .

A single ticket allows transfers the Bus – Bus or between bus – subway / metro – bus for the next two hours.

If you intend to use with frequency public transport, the ideal is to have the Metrocard .



Additional Information

official Web MTA

Map of Metro New York