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Travelling by bus New York is easy, although at busy overcrowded van slowly circulate through the dense traffic and make many stops.

There are regular buses and quick service (express) that skip some stops.

Bus in New York

Bus in New York

Lines and Tours

Between Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island there are 225 lines bus, plus a 60 lines prompt service .

The first letter identifies each district: Manhattan ( routes M ), Queens ( routes Q ), Bronx ( routes Bx ), Brooklyn ( routes B ) and Staten Island ( S routes ).


New York buses circulate 24 hours of the day, running through all the main streets.

The stops are usually marquee where route maps and timetables of the lines that pass there is.

Bus Schedules

Map of bus lines

Manhattan Bronx Queens Brooklyn Staten Island


Single tickets costs $ 2.50 and express buses the price is $ 6 .

Must pay the exact amount and currency , drivers do not give change.

A single ticket allows transfers the Bus – Bus or between bus – subway / metro – bus for the next two hours.

If you intend to use with frequency public transport, ideally acquire Metrocard .



Additional Information

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