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Empire State Building

Empire State Building is the most famous skyscrapers in the city of New York, has actually been the scene of many films and series that are among the reasons the ‘ King Kong “, and the last scene “Something to Remember” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Opened in 1931 , constructed in just 410 days, during the depression, and their 443 meters height was tallest building in the world until 1972 , when the north tower of the World Trade Center was completed.

After the 9/11 was again the highest, until it ended One World Trade Center in 2012.

The antenna was originally designed to be a mast mooring dirigibles but was rejected by the hazard.

Features 102 floors , and 86 floors and 102 is the Two observation platforms that you can visit, where you get a 360 ° views of the city unforgettable.

Empire State

Empire State

Since 1976 the last 30 floors are illuminated in events and festivities.

And from 1996 on the second floor you will find the NY Skyride , a simulator for air travel around the city.

It is National Historic Landmark since 1986.

Curiosities of the Empire State Building

The record of the race ESB Run-up has the Australian Paul Crake, who in 2003 managed to climb the 320 meters in 9 minutes and 33 seconds.

During World War II, the Army Air Corps aircraft B-25 hit the floor 79 of the Empire State Building.

In 1964 Andy Warhol made ​​an 8-hour silent movie titled “Empire”, a single shot where the illuminated tower Empire State Building suspended in the night sky shown, and nothing more. Today the film is preserved by the Library of Congress.

Since during the autumn and spring migratory birds flock to the building , is reduced illumination time of the building to prevent die.

The dream of many New York couples are married in the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day, but are chosen only seven partners per year and from that day become part of the Bridal Club ESB .

Every year, the Boy Scouts camped in the building in November and Girl Scouts in March.

What is the Empire State Building car zap mystery? It is a kind of Bermuda Triangle five blocks around the building, where they occur in 10-15 car accidents per day. Theories about its origins abound.

Location of the Empire State Building

Location of the Empire State Building

Location: 350 5th Avenue.
Time: from 8.00 to 2.00.
How to get there: Station Metro 34 St – Herals Sq (B, D, F, M, NQ, R).
About Times Square , Madame Tussaud’s , Chrysler Building .





Council to visit the Empire State Building

Best to visit is go early or late, but it is best to purchase tickets online.
You can buy the entry without tails here .

Another option is to buy the entrada no queues + New York Skyride here . It is one of the 50 stops New York Tourist Bus .

Or, if you buy the New York Pass , have the post Free .